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  About BRN

Business Referral Network of Shawnee, OK. is where business leaders can build there business and develop lasting relationships with other business proffesionals.

To apply for membership click the button on the left and fill out our online application. We will contact you shortly after receiveing your application.  

BRN is an exciting new way to help grow your business. We are a group of local business men and women, dedicated to help each other by developing a trust and understanding of one another's businesses. Through these relationships we are able to refer business to one another with the trust that those customers will be well taken care of.

Being a part of this group is essentially like having each member as a marketing representative for your business. We dedicate ourselves, and our time, to understanding what each member does and the type of business opportunities they are looking for.

    - We allow one member per profession to be involved in BRN.
      This allows us to focus all referrals for that field to you and your business.

    - We request you attend meetings as often as possible. However, we do allow substitutes as necessary.

    - We have an annual membership fee of $245. Payment plans are available if needed.

    - We provide weekly ideas for new marketing strategies for use in your business.


- Increase awareness your company

- Creating a dynamic sales team

- Developing relationships with other business owners

- Expanding your access to target markets

- Get help in business growth & development

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